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Technopôle Hélioparc

4 rue Jules Ferry
64000 Pau – France
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128 rue La Boétie
75008 Paris – France
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''In 2002, setting up an industrial property consultancy on the doorstep of the Pyrenees was a huge gamble, because the profession was mostly concentrated in the Paris region. Originally from South-West France, I wanted to give this adventure a try, create a reputation for IP as a lever for growth, a means of boosting a company's value... not just as a burden.

Having gained experience in the industry and in how to set up a local branch of a Paris-based firm, I was well aware of what companies need. Two major groups were my first clients, followed by SMEs, independent clients and now start-ups which have entrusted us with cases over the years and enabled our company to expand. I formed a partnership in 2012 to broaden the scope of activity. In this profession, you must be attentive to the client and their needs, and find the best option for them. The company’s double skillset – legal and technical – is an asset. There are a great many innovations to safeguard in the region, in a diverse range of sectors such as chemicals, agri-food, medical, aeronautical, IT and associated applications, energy and farming. Today I am proud to have contributed to the economic fabric of this beautiful region, and transferred the company to ultra-capable experts who share my values and my professional vision. They continue to provide a swift response, a high-quality service offer at a fair price, and genuine availability for clients, made easier thanks to having offices in both Pau and Paris. Transferring my company to good, talented people has been a great experience, a pleasure.”

Lydie Borin, Patents and Trademarks Engineer, founder of A.P.I. Conseil

Founded in 2002 by Lydie Borin, A.P.I. Conseil is a human-sized industrial property consultancy company, dedicated to excellence and treasuring the close links maintained with its clients.

Are you looking to protect your innovation? A.P.I. Conseil offers a solution to protect and create value from whatever makes your project unique. Whether you are an individual, a start-up, an SME or a multinational, our mission is to help you protect your innovative products and services using methods that match your objectives and resources (trademarks, designs and utility models, patents, contracts, etc.).

We advise on intellectual and industrial property, whether a one-off service or full strategic support approach, and in a global context. Establishing a diagnosis, implementing a strategy with you, defending, protecting and creating value from your innovation are the hallmarks of what we do at A.P.I. Conseil. Our mission goes beyond registering a trademark or patent; truly global, it is tailored and targeted, throughout the project from the conceptual phase to production and/or technology transfer. In our vision, the consultancy profession escorts you positively toward success, always with the guiding principle of ensuring consistency between the work we do, the development of your project and the reality of your market.

Our mission will be to strengthen your industrial property and consolidate your market position, thus enabling you to stand your ground vis-à-vis your competitors and win over potential investors. A.P.I. Conseil is also present and active in matters relating to technology transfer, working to harness the value of innovations produced by public laboratories and their use by industrial partners. Highly experienced and motivated by business creation, the different consultants in our company place a high value on close relationships with clients founded on rigor, trust and discretion.

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Our expertise

At A.P.I. Conseil, IP support relies on a global vision of the issues and solutions, whether for registering a patent, an industrial design or a utility model, creating a trademark or writing a contract.